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A Doll's House

March 2018 residency at The Marble House in Dorset Vermont with Director John Gould Rubin and A Private Theatre Company where I devised the movement language for their-radical new version of Isben's 'A Doll House' by Royston Coppenger.

August 2018 - Part two with a residency in New York where we I be setting the blocking, choreograpghy, staging, production design, score and all. Excited!



I was invited to be a presenting artist for The Convergence Festival at Arcosanti  Urban Laboratory in Nov. 2017.  My collaborator Gema Galiana and I created a 45 min durational physical theatre performance,. We also co-taught a physical theatre activation workshop for the guests.

For three days, Convergence brought together renowned speakers, artists, musicians, and activators to co-create an experience of vibrancy, action, and hope.



​An Immersive Performance by Emily Meister + Gema Galiana in response to the historic Neutra VDL House in Silver Lake, CA.

For homeLA + ENTER>Text's 'One House Twice' | May 2017 |



had the opportunity to be a presenting artist for homela’s show, ‘Once House Twice’. Over the course of 3 months I had the chance to create an original dance theatre performance art piece at the historical Neutra House in Los Angeles CA. The event was one day, with three show times at 4pm, 6pm and 8pm. We performed one-long durational duet over the course of 6 hours. We created a structured movement and theatrical series in collaboration with spoken word and visual artists that adapted and flowed based on the audience and interacting within the space. For each audience member, they received a unique and personal experience depending on when they came through and where they were within the space. The piece was inspired by Dione Neutra, the architect’s wife. We explored what it was to be a woman living within this space during the 1940's-1960's. Inspired by the idea of being 'kept and perfect'.


For 3 weeks in September 2016, my husband and I made our way around the Island of Iceland clockwise in a camper van. I was so inspired by the landscape, and the way I felt being here. It felt like home, like I have been here before. I was invigorated everyday being immersed in such an incredible place. I began a movement journal, which by the end of our journey was a collection of 40 site responsive movement investigations.  This film is a compilation of my movement studies in response to the magical Iceland environment.

The Space Between

Emily Meister + Liz Bustle‘s duet investigates instinctual initiation and response. How energy through physicality, can manifest, be transferred, contained and released; and how we adapt to, reject, utilize, become confined by, or expand into the space between.

The Wild We

​New Shoes 8 | Highways Performance Space

Los Angeles CA | July 22 + 23. 2016


Created + Choreographed by Emily Meister
for Adam Parson's Commanality Benefit Show at Liv Arts Dance Studio in Los Angeles, CA. March 2016


Performed by Liz Bustle, Jazz Elise, Morgan Van Gemert + Molly Yates
Music 'Kill The Clown' by Soley

Little fox-humans kept in a shadow box. The door is open and they must kill the clown.


An evening length dark dance theatre immersive experience created by Emily Meister  at Highways Performance Space, Santa Monica. CA.


Through a series of vignettes, we see the performers immersed and absorbed within physical, psychological and chemical processes of disintegration. We examine the cycle of life and death, the emotional and physical space within these states of being, and the vast places in between. We explore what it is to be human and animal.

Directed + Choreographed By Emily Meister
Performed by Liz Bustle, Morgan Van Gemert, Tasheena Medina, Molly Yates + Jazz Elise

Produced by Artistic Director, Leo Garcia

Original Sound Score by Michael Deragon 
Costume Design by Sumie Tachibana
Lighting Design by Chad West 
Filming by Darrin Bush, Nicklaus Von Nodle and Cain DeVore. Video Editing by David Meister

Paper Asylum

An installation + Site specific solo-performance experiment by Emily Meister.

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