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PUSSY RIOT 'Straight Outta Vagina' Music Video

Female power and female sexuality are yet need to be discovered. Discussed. Performed. Lived up. Be PUSSY RIOT! 

"Straight Outta Vagina" was written and performed  by David Andrew Sitek, Nadya Tolokonnikova, Desi Mo Bradley, Leikeli47, and Josh Werner

A Super Fun Production 
Directed by Phillip R Lopez

Produced by David Andrew Sitek
Starring: Prymrr
DP: Peter Mosiman 
Choreography: Roya Carreras 
Styling: Stephanie Strate
Hair: Dritan Vushaj
Make up: Loren Canby
Art Department: David Brown 
Post-producer Matthew McCluggage 
Dancers: Sarah Prinz, Alicia Slaughter,

Emily Meister, Megan Fowler-Hurst, Mackenzey Lil, Roya Carreras


Out of Bounds is an evening-length site-based work by Jay Carlon that begins on a shore, migrates across the sand, and ends on a bed of cardboard on cement.  Out of Bounds is the culminating performance through the  Annenberg Community Beach House Choreographic Residency.  The work engages with geopolitical boundaries and the contrast of the Pacific Ocean at the Southern California shore with other shores all over the world, including those of Greece and Turkey.  It involves over 30 performers that perform at the shore, bound by ropes, crawl out of the ocean en masse, and walk with the audience to land.  Jay examines borders as sites of trauma and possible healing, as well as how moving together can become a call to action.


A Site specific immersive performance entitled, 'Leaves of Grass'. A work-in-progress about the look-alike phenomenon in couples Directed by Annie Saunders, Performed by her Wilderness Company for Interrupted AT THE 14TH FACTORY in Los Angeles, CA. 5.14.17


A work in process physical theatre piece created in collaboration by Gema Galiana, Emily Meister, Anthony Nikolchev, Daniel Han

Directed by Gema Galiana

Performed by Daniel Han, Emily Meister, Anthony Nikolchev

Works-in-process Showing at Electric Lodge, Venice. CA.

Sun. Nov. 20th 2016

The Work:
Poaching beauty in a battle between preservation and destruction, this physical theater performance investigates the physical toll of a progressively greying existence. 


A Site specific immersive physical theatre performance created by Annie Saunders | Wilderness for the Camden  | Society Group grand opening event, in Hollywood CA.


Physical theatre summer training

with Gema Galiana + Anthony Nikolchev.

Images shot by Gema Galiana while working in a Los Angeles warehouse.


A dark-fantasy feature length film by Ryan Harris (in production) about a comatose five-year-old girl journeys through an industrial wonderland to find her way back to consciousness. My characters, 'The Three Fates/The Knitter' was such fantastic fun.

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